Bathing in beverages


Bathers enjoy a Japanese sake(rice wine) bath.

As if the wine bath was not mind-boggling enough, Yunessun also lets you bath in Japanese sake(rice wine), green tea and coffee.

Coffee bath

The coffee bath was my favourite in terms of the aroma. I love the strong smell of coffee beans.


Bathers relax in the warm coffee bath.


A couple massages each other in the coffee bath. 

Green tea bath

My favourite green tea is matcha. Ever since tasting matcha and matcha products in Japan, I tend to judge all the other green teas on a zero to matcha scale. I was disappointed to find that the green tea bath was not as matcha as I expected but as someone who loves green tea, it was still a privilege to bathe in a version of it.

タイトルなしのコラージュ (20).jpg

Green tea bath.


Bathers enjoy the green tea bath.

Tendi the posh bather

One day, I will tell my children that I took baths in wine, green tea, sake and coffee. If they do not believe me, I have the receipts to prove it.

タイトルなしのコラージュ (21).jpg

Ntendeni enjoys baths in wine, green tea, sake and coffee.

Doctor fish

The other pool I was looking forward to was the pool with doctor fish. Here I joined fellow bathers and put my feet in a pool filled with tiny fish that nibble away dead skin cells. The fish give a tickling feeling as they feast on the dead skin.


Doctor fish feast on Ntendeni’s feet.


The fish eat away dead skin, providing a natural foot spa.

Yunessun does not only focus on over-the-top baths. The resort has normal swimming pools available.


Couples enjoy a collagen bath.


The main swimming pool at Yunessun.


A warm waterfall.



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