Sapporo eats


Crab and fried shrimp.

Hokkaido is reputed for its fresh sea food, unique ramen noodles and an overall unique food culture. One of the main reasons for visiting was to try great food and I was not disappointed.

First experiences 

Grilled scallop

Sapporo was my first scallop experience ever. I felt like throwing up while eating grilled scallop. It was too disgusting of a taste for me. I hope I get better over time.


Scallop miso soup


Scallop miso soup with seaweed.


Grilled oysters

Like scallops, the taste of oysters was too much  for me. Both tastes were too “oceany” for me.


Although she tried hard not to throw up, Ntendeni managed to finish her oysters.



Rumour has it that Hokkaido has the best crab in Japan. There are different types of crab for different seasons. My experience proved the rumours true.


Ramen noodles 


Noodles are a great way to keep warm in winter.



Whole potato and beef stew

As a South African, my idea of what qualifies as a stew or soup is something thick. In Japan, soup and stew are a lot more watery. This is why I love travelling. I love being exposed to other cultures’ different approaches to cooking.


An ideal meal for a potato and beef lover.

Grilled meat

As a South African, grilled meat is something close to me. My favourite food culture in South Africa is the braai culture, the South African version of the barbecue. It is something I miss when I am away from home so it was nice to eat grilled meat, which tasted like something from home, all the way up in Hokkaido.


Sausage and lamb

The sausage reminded me of the South African boerewors sausage, but did not taste like it. Trust me, nothing in the world tastes like the boerewors.


A Japanese chef preparing grilled beef at the Sapporo Snow Festival.


The grilled beef reminded Ntendeni of the braai from South Africa.

Salmon soup


For a salmon lover like Ntendeni, the salmon soup was irresistible.

Great street food

My favourite eat on my first night in Sapporo was a spicy, vegetable and seafood soup called “Seafood Ajiilo”. My google search tells me that the term “ajillo” refers to food in garlic or garlic sauce.


Streets boasting a range of delicious foods.

Indian cuisine

On the second night, I dined at an Indian restaurant with fellow expats. My favourite on the dish was the Middle Eastern bread. I am a sucker for flat bread.


The Indian food was so spicy that Ntendeni tried to quench the hot aftertaste with too much water before bed.

Sugar lover

What would travelling be without my love for sugar?


Caramel and chocolate glazed marshmallows and differently glazed bananas. Sugar meets sugar.


Bananas glazed in black and white chocolate with various yummy decorations.


Sapporo was a great opportunity to fulfill some of my main reasons for travelling which are; to explode my taste buds, appreciate other cultures’ interpretation of food and to experience different styles of cooking.


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